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Binding Comb
The binding ring is a kind of advanced loose-leaf binding machine that uses plastic materials to bind paper to a book and can add or subtract pages at any time. It is widely used for binding documents such as reports, operating manuals, calendars, handouts, etc, and pages can be increased or decreased as needed. The binding process is convenient, fast, secure, and firm with no falling off.
A4 High Tenacity Binding Strips
DSB takes high-quality materials, button jack binding structure is simple and firm, not easily lessened, it has fine workmanship with smooth edges. The maximum number of binding pages is 200. It is a special product for binding machines. It is suitable for DSB and other types of binding machines.
Double Wire
The binding coil, also known as double coil, is suitable for binding all kinds of loose-leaf books, commemorative albums, desk calendars, exquisite picture albums, etc. We use high-quality environmentally friendly materials, bright color, strong adhesion, uniform hardness, good roundness when pressing the ring.
Thermal Binding Cover
Hot-melt binding envelopes are easy to use, fast, and have low consumable costs. It is the lowest cost of all bindings and does not require punching, staples, or aprons. Using the principle of resin hot melt adhesive bonding, the operation is simple, and loose pages can be bound into a firm and beautiful book in tens of seconds.
laminating pouch film
This product is compounded by PET and EVA. It is heated by high temperature and pressed by front and back rubber rollers to achieve the purpose of plastic sealing. It is widely used in the form of ID cards, business cards, photos, attendance cards, pictures and text materials. After a plastic is sealed, it becomes waterproof, anti-tampering, anti-moth, anti-mold, fresh and transparent, crisp with beautiful cut, long-term use, etc.
Binding Cover
PVC cover adopts PVC as base material,manufactured by processing. Non corrosive,No deformation. The surface is flat and smooth, suitable for surface binding of all kinds of common and important documents.The bound cover is more durable, exquisite and beautiful
A4 Color Embossed Paper
The color leather cover paper, also known as "cloud paper", is generally used for documents, covers, and back covers of tenders, etc., which can effectively protect the bounds and extend shelf life of the documents.
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