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Box Honeycomb Paper Dispenser
WiAIR Box Honeycomb Paper Dispenser This is a very simple and practical box honeycomb paper dispenser product. It can be placed on the desktop and manually pulled out the honeycomb paper to pack the product without using other tools. The benefits of using boxed honeycomb paper wrap are: low price, save space, simple operation, take it and use it anytime. This honeycomb paper wrapping dispenser is very suitable for use in offices, personal homes and merchandise stores.
P300 Heavy Duty Paper Cushion Machine
The tri-fold paper is folded, rolled and crumpled by the WiAIR P300 heavy-duty paper cushion machine to form a 3D three-dimensional paper pad. The paper pad produced by WiAIR P300 is very compact and not easy to loosen, and can withstand and protect heavy objects within 60kg.   Changeable packaging methods, in addition to filling, buffering and wrapping, can also fix items to reduce shaking. Applicable objects: auto parts, hardware processing, motors, water pumps, automation parts, machinery manufacturing.         The raw pulp kraft paper of 70g-80g long fiber is used for packaging heavy items, this kraft paper can withstand high-strength impact and has strong compression resistance.    The paper pad produced by WiAIRP300 with this kind of kraft paper can withstand and protect heavy objects up to 60kg.       The paper pad is used for filling, buffering and wrapping of heavy objects   Disc-shaped paper pad + long strip-shaped paper pad for packaging   WiAIR-P300 heavy-duty paper cushion machine is an industrial packaging manufacturing equipment, a very durable packaging machine that can be used for a long time.   Three Concepts Of WiAIR Design: 1.Durable: In Industrial Production, It Can Have A Long Service Life. 2.Easy To Use: The Operator Does Not Need To Spend A Long Time Learning To Get Used. 3.DIY After-Sales Service: No Need For Professional Personnel To Overhaul, Only Maintenance Personnel Need To Remotely Guide Customers To Maintain, Clean Up, And Troubleshoot The Machine By Themselves. When designing the P300, WiAIR incorporated his own unique design concept and designed a device with independent intellectual property rights.     01-Durability The ratchet wheel and blades of P300 are made of alloy steel, which is durable after being refined, heat treated and ground.  Ratchet, blade     02-Ease To Use The operation interface is very convenient, allowing the operator to easily understand and use.  There are three operating modes: foot control mode, manual compensation mode,andbatch setting mode.     Foot control mode: Click on the foot control mode to use the foot switch. The paper will continue to be ejected without loosening it, and the paper will stop when it is released, and the paper will be cut off.       Manual Compensation Mode: Click Manual Compensation Mode to set the paper length at will. Set the paper output length, take one away, and automatically make up the other one.       Batch setting mode: Click the batch setting mode to set the paper length and quantity. After setting the parameters, the paper will continue to be discharged automatically until the set quantity is reset to zero, and the machine will stop working.   The head of WiAIR P300 can be adjusted freely from multiple angles, which is more flexible and convenient in operation.   WiAIR-P300 is equipped with a control panel.  The control panel can not only be fixed on the bracket to control the machine, but also can be remotely controlled and used according to the instructions on the panel.      03-DIY After Sale At the beginning of the machine design, taking into account that the operator can easily and safely maintain, clean and troubleshoot the machine, a user-friendly design is added.  When cleaning and repairing other machines, professionals need to use tools to disassemble the shell, which will take a long time.  However; WiAIR machine adopts humanized design. Users only need to simply lift the cover on the front of the machine with their hands, without professional technical ability, to safely troubleshoot problems, replace vulnerable parts, and perform routine cleaning and maintenance.       Applicable objects: auto parts, hardware processing, medium and large motors, water pumps, automation accessories, machinery manufacturing. Wrap heavy parts   Fill gaps, mix and package parts     The paper pad can be wrapped with heavy-duty transmission after curling  
Auto paper outputting with smooth speed,it can improve the overall packaging efficiency and capacity.This machine is perfect with e-Commerce and logistics who have high requirement for packaging speed.
WiAIR P100pro Automatic Lightweight Paper Pad Machine
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